I'm deleting facebook.

Not because i don't like what they are doing to connect the world - i love that. But because there is a mayor conflict of interest between facebook as a business and an (advertisement) platform and facebook as a service for its users.

You probably have heard of the major information breach around 2012 with Cambridge Analytica. Just be sure of the following: There are many many more cases of this and there is no way for facebook or anyone else to know where your data is going after those companies got hold of it. Besides that facebook itself uses my data every day to profile me and send me relevant ads.

In the past, i always told myself ads are a good thing - "it's the only way it can be free for everyone", and "a global network of people has to be free for everyone", but by now i think that is a lie.

  • Computing is ubiquitous now and still getting cheaper and cheaper.
  • Everyone will have access to the internet sooner than later.
  • The internet is the platform.

We don't need facebook or any other single platform ('silo') for a global dialogue to happen. Running your own website is now cheaper than going out to drink a coffee once a month. If you have an opinion that needs to be heard, just create your own website.

jalil wahdatehagh

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